Lentsius brand wishes to offer the client a more environmentally friendly alternative to modern everyday jewellery and clothing. Therefore we're taking several daily actions and design decisions to move towards a greener future  –   to create new products we're upcycling metal and wood industry's waste but also discarded military textiles like tents. Timeless and seasonless designs are the core of our aesthetics and almost all the jewellery pieces are made from only one material to create less waste and also to reduce processing steps.

Within her works, designer Kairi Lentsius loves to stay true to the principle of "Less is more" and to investigate new combinations of material, technologies and shape. All Lentsius' Scandinavian chic items are produced in Tartu, Estonia. Our jewellery collection is made in collaboration with Kairi's father Mart, who's a talented craftsman. Our clothing is sewn by Annika the tailor.

Kairi has a background in textile and fashion design studies. She has been running the Lentsius brand since 2013 and has also been working as a fashion design lecturer at Pallas University of Applied Sciences. Here you can find Kairi's CV.