TELK1 coat collection

Bachelor’s degree project at Tartu Art College:

The graduation project TELK is a sustainable fashion collection of coats and jackets made out of almost 40 year olds army tents supplied by the Baltic Defence Academy. The project is about upcycling the old material and making it look attractive and likeable enough to be worn as everyday clothing.
The main goal of the project was to give new life to olnd and used fabrics and for the sake experimenting with the material- colouring the fabric with black tea and different mordants, reactive dye printing, digital machine embroidery and waterproofing with beeswax. While redesigning the textile the goal was been to create a new camouflage for a modern city person, coping with everyday life, living at the time of information, cyberwar and the third industrial revolution. Also at the same time trying to work within sustainable means as much as possible.
Supervisor Xenia Joost. 

Photos- JP Hion


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TELK2 coat collection

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