TELK4 collection

This collection was presented at Antoniuse fashion show and at Estonian Fashion Festival 2020 as a continuation of previous upcycling projects. These garments are mostly made of upcycled military fabrics with some additional organic cotton materials.
The aim is to add value to the used materials, enhance quality and prolong its lifespan. For the garments, textile surfaces have been decorated and new shapes have been created with using machine embroidery. This adds texture and luxury to the military fabrics but also gives the opportunity to redesign materials or add extra strenght.
Last but but not least, the garment collection is complemented with sustainably made Lentsius jewellery and Tent tote bags.
I would also like to say a big thank you to our intern Kelin Kuznetsova, who was such a helping hand in the making of this collection and remaking of the shoes.

Photos Getter Kuusmaa/ Studio GET


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